IAFEI: S&P Global Ratings: Industry Top Trends 2020

Dodano: 2019-12-08 16:16:24

Yesterday we published our Industry Top Trends 2020, which brings together in a single volume all 25 Industry Top Trends reports for the corporate and infrastructure industries that we published recently. It includes an overview of the key themes for the year ahead emerging from the reports. This is the fifth annual collection in this format and communicates our credit views on rated companies and industries globally.

The year ahead will be challenging for many industries as they wrestle with slow growth, cost pressures, the intense challenges of technological disruption, and adapting to environmental regulations and concerns. Trade disputes and fluid political environments in many jurisdictions add another layer of uncertainty.

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Global Credit Conditions: A Precarious Balance

Amid an entrenched trade war, historic Asia-Pacific debt issuance, and a record U.S. economic expansion, world credit markets are being pushed and pulled in several directions.

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